Summer Time Hairstyles

Summer 2016 Hairstyles Are Here

From messy to wet, this is the season to get brave and try those styles you love but never had the guts to try. Here’s our top 3 favorite Summer hairstyles from us, to you.

iStock_000072848285_SmallOut-of- pool hair is a great and easy style to try out this season. You can achieve it using Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Collection through the hair and braiding hair into sections, which are then unraveled to reveal wet-look waves all day. This is an easy, fresh solution for girls on the go who want to look & feel breezy all day!

The natural wind-blown look is the chosen messy look of this summer, is a rough part with the hair halfway thrown into an elastic band to create a messy half finished loop. This hairstyle creates a cute romantic style, always great for Spring and Summer time.

The Messy Braid is a gorgeous solution for those days where you just don’t feel like “doing your hair”. Braiding the back of your hair into a pony tail with a clean front, could feels quite tomboyish, but with the correct make up, styling and attitude, it’s an easy-to-do stylish option for the Summer season. Add some flowers of your choice or an shiny embellished head band for a more put together evening vibe.

Coco’s Hair Salon is located in Aventura, FL in the heart of the luxurious Aventura Mall. We are open 7 days a week and can assist you with any and all hairstyles and hair care needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment! This season lets play with our hair, try new trends and styles, and feel beautiful everyday!