International Women’s Day


A Reason to Celebrate

Happy International Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies of the Universe! Being in the business of beauty, we’ve met many amazing, talented and truly beautiful women over the years. We love hair, beauty and everything that goes along with it but the underlying message in the true definition of beauty will always be the inner beauty that shines through and radiates good and light to the world.

We’ve served countless women at our salon. Mothers, daughters and sisters. We’ve helped transform meek women lacking in self-confidence into beautiful and powerful women affecting great change within our communities. We’ve seen women who are feeling down and out lift themselves up to great heights. We’ve watched and learned from our own mothers, daughters and sisters that being a woman means being strong, being confident, being bright, being bold, and being beautiful.

From giving birth to running multi-million dollar corporations, women are capable of creating change and growth in all that they do and it’s only proper that today, on March 8, we’ve designated a day to celebrate just that.

The stereotypes and stigmas associated with being a woman are abundant. The media portrays us as dolls, there for the pleasure and enjoyment of others. We are socially conditioned to “act proper, look beautiful, and keep quiet” – all the while raising a family, building our own successes, and well, just trying to make it happen.

We’d like to wish you a wonderful and lovely International Women’s Day. We thank you for your many great contributions to the planet and we’d like to remind you that you are and always will be truly Beautiful. We salute and honor you today, and everyday.

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

With Love,
Coco’s Full Service Hair Salon


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