The History of Hair Extensions & Wigs

4688709755_21a0fcd213_bThe History of Hair Extensions & Wigs

Can you believe that people used to care about their hair back in the day as much as we do today?

The Origin of Hair extensions and wigs goes back to Cleopatra’s era. There’s well documented evidence that human hair extensions as well as wigs were widely used in ancient Egypt as cosmetic adornments worn by pharaohs and other important members of society. Hair extensions were attached to the hair using a complex system of weaves and knots. The poorer citizens of Egypt also used to have hair extensions but they were not human hair. Vegetable fibers such as grass and other cosmetic materials were used as hair decoration.

Back then, hair extensions and wigs were not just adornments. Egyptian men used to protect their heads from the rough weather in the desert by wearing these wigs. In Europe and America during the 1700s, powdered wigs were “the thing”. A powdered wig is a white hairpiece mostly styled with curls and waves. It was called Perukes, which signified a person’s social status.

It was believed that the use of powdered wigs was started when a king named Louis started turning bald. Because of the fear to be seen as a weak king, King Louis tried to cover his head with Perukes so people would not see the beginning of his balding head. Devoted to their King, people started following him and wore Perukes as well. That’s when both men and women started using Perukes in ancient society.

Some people believed that the true birth of using powdered wigs was because of a chronic bacterial disease that struck Europe which was called syphilis. The disease was a major problem that kept many hospitals in London busy. Victims suffered severe rashes, blindness, and worse for them, baldness.

And now going a little bit more towards the present, in the 20th century, the Pompadour was trending. In order to be able to achieve this look people had to use hair extensions. And during the 1940s, long hair was one of the main trends people followed. Because of this, the demand for long hair extensions grew drastically. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, many African American women seemed to start loving and using hair weaves and hair extensions on a regular day-to-day basis.

Now-a-days, we enjoy different materials and a higher quality of synthetic and human hair to make the best hair extensions and wigs to fit any budget. Extensions have been refined to look and feel more natural with easily applicable techniques that have cut down on time and cost of getting extensions.

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