Top 10 Summer Hair Trends

The Top 10 Summer Hair Trends You Need To Know

Top Hair TrendsIf you still haven’t decided what to do with your hair this summer, here are some great hair trends happening now, to help you out. Whether you’re a conservative girl or super edgy girl there is a perfect trend to fit you’re lifestyle.

Snow-lights are shimmering highlights of pale blond hair that would give you an amazing glow for this summer.

Rose Gold hair is a pretty shade of pink-tinted blonde that’s being worn by celebrities like Emma Roberts. This trend is taking over social media. It’s a classy but edgy option to try this summer.

Buttery Blond is a classic that is coming back! It consists of buttery beige and sandy blondes.

Color Melting is an easygoing style, which is a new technique that creates a multidimensional effect. This allows multiple tones to melt together and produce a natural look that reflects different tones of light seamlessly.

Multifaceted Platinum is a new fun take on platinum blond hair. It’s a mixture of different colors and shades, which creates the idea of multifaceted color.

Deliberate Roots – For all the lazy girls out there this is your look. This look with darker roots is perfect way to look hip and trendy on a smaller budget.

Pink Cooper Ecaille – Pink hair has been around for a while and is still very much in fashion. It’s fun, hip, and edgy.

Flattering Naturals – Using a color that is suitable with your skin tone and eye color will always be a “trend”.

Natural, “Unnatural”, having your hair dyed on a pastel color is super cute and bold, but making it look like you were born with it, is even more impressive! You have to keep it soft and healthy to maintain the “never been bleached or dyed” look

Shimmering Shades, this style is completed by mixing different shades of blonds, yellow gold, platinum blond, and pink gold. It really looks amazing!

After all these great options we’re sure you are ready to try something out! Stop by Coco’s Hair Salon located in Aventura Mall and get your summer style on. We have a team of professional stylists waiting to assist you in getting the perfect look you’ll love for this summer season! You can schedule with our front desk at 305.933.9889!