The Ever-Evolving History of Beauty

The Ever-Evolving History of Beauty Beauty depends a lot on when and where you lived. And having this on mind we can see how different the concept of beauty used to be from ancient times till today. Every time period has had different ideas of what defines beauty. Things your ancestors believed of what beauty[…]

The Process of Highlights

The Process of Highlights Highlights are a beauty treatment that can give a natural and subtle boost of color and depth to your look. A safe and easy way to have some fun with your current hairstyle! Depending on your hair type and the final look that you are trying to achieve, your stylist may[…]

Top 10 Beauty Tips for Fall 2016

Top 10 Beauty Tips for Fall 2016 Glowing skin, the secret to better blowouts, must-have tips, tricks, and products for looking great every day this Autumn season… Go Natural on the Brows Don’t go crazy with the tweezers, full brows are more flattering. Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder one shade lighter[…]

Hairdreams Hair Extensions In Full Effect

Hairdreams Hair Extensions, The New “Go-To” for Hair Extensions Hair extensions have always been around. But lately, they’re in demand. More women are searching for chemical free color options and longer hair this season. Using the latest hair extension methods they’re getting the length and volume they want. Throughout the years, professional stylists have worked[…]

MoroccanOil Spotlight

MoroccanOil Dreamin’ It doesn’t matter if it’s Summer, Fall or Winter. Living in Miami, you always have to be on top of your game making sure you look your best and using the right hair products is the first step in getting Florida weather-pretty. <<Enter MoroccanOil>> So here’s our Spotlight on one of our favorite[…]

Hairdreams: The Newest Brilliance in Haircare

Coco’s Hair Salon in Aventura is proud to say we’re offering the ultimate experience in hair extensions – Hairdreams Hair Extensions use an innovative technology both in design and application. Ergonomic bondings and various strand types and lengths makes Hairdreams Hair Extensions the new thing in the salon world. Contrary to regular hair extensions, Nano[…]

Top 10 Summer Hair Trends

The Top 10 Summer Hair Trends You Need To Know If you still haven’t decided what to do with your hair this summer, here are some great hair trends happening now, to help you out. Whether you’re a conservative girl or super edgy girl there is a perfect trend to fit you’re lifestyle. ∞ Snow-lights[…]

Spotlight on Vidal Sassoon

Spotlight on Vidal Sassoon Vidal Sassoon (17 January 1928 – 9 May 2012) was a revolutionary man in the hair industry who inspired trends for decades. British hairstylist, businessman, and philanthropist, he was know for creating simple and geometric haircuts influenced by the Bauhaus movement of his peers in architecture. Sassoon’s taste for strong, clean[…]

Spotlight on Redken

Redken Shampoo Anti-Frizz & Humidity Protection Shampoo Summer is officially here and Miami is the perfect place to show off that perfect lush hair! But the weather can be tough on your lovely locks if you don’t treat them with lots of love, patience, and good hair products. The heat and humidity is responsible for[…]

Spotlight on Kerastase

Aventura Hair Salon Carries an Array of Kerastase Products Summer in Miami can be harsh on your hair. The humidity and rain turns hair into a frizzy mess, but a few products from Kerastase’s new Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Anti-Frizz line help your hair to keep from throwing any wild fits. Kerastase Bain Fluidealist shampoo and[…]