Nail Trends 2016

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Lets face it; we all feel so much better when we have our nails done. It’s that half hour after you leave the salon, that time when you can’t stop looking at your beautiful, perfect hands and nails. But somehow we always come in with the same questions; what color should I try today? Gel or regular? Round or square? The questions aren’t endless but there’s a few you need to answer to walk out of the salon feeling good and happy with your results. So here are a few tips to help you this season so you know which colors and styles are “in” and you can go ahead and to try them all out!

Nudes, natural, and metallic are some of the dominating colors this summer. Of course there are some other colors, like red and different shades of blue that are always “in” as well. This season, brands like Dior are offering some great ideas such as dots, and lines in the middle of your nails. They are easy, trendy, and fun. Now that you know the latest nails trends, go ahead and play with all the colors and shapes. This summer your nails are going to look amazing – we promise!

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