Top 10 Beauty Tips for Fall 2016

9023449576_97d81bf62c_bTop 10 Beauty Tips for Fall 2016

Glowing skin, the secret to better blowouts, must-have tips, tricks, and products for looking great every day this Autumn season…

Go Natural on the Brows

Don’t go crazy with the tweezers, full brows are more flattering. Fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder one shade lighter than your natural brow color; this creates a softer, more natural effect.

Olive Lovin’

Military green on your nails is a hit this fall. The shade surprisingly flatters all skin tones and pops against the colors that are hot now, like plum and navy tones

Smooth (Hair) Operator

Using a good quality shampoo and conditioner (ask about our amazing products!) can really make a huge difference. We recommend brands such as Kerastase, MoroccanOil, and Redken, to ensure your hair will look healthy and absolutely amazing!

Mineral Makeup

If you’re not already hooked on mineral makeup, now’s the time to get in on this healthy trend. The latest mineral finds boast good-for-your-skin ingredients like soybean extract and seaweed, in addition to being free of preservatives, synthetics, and artificial oils!

Sure Thing, Bob

This Fall considers the bob the hottest cut around. It looks great on all face shapes, can be styled straight or wavy, still look super chic, and is super comfy and easy to manage.

Dramatic Lashes

Nothing opens up your eyes like long, thick lashes. Thick, dramatic lashes can be achieved with a great mascara or by getting lash extensions. Be sure to get yours!

Soften Up with Oil

Facial oils are moisturizing and absorb quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to apply makeup. They’re packed with hydrating fatty acids and feel very light on your skin. Something slick to definitely try on your face and body.

Nude Lip Service

Soft pinks and browns are really hot right now; subtle but not too flat. It is really elegant and soft, perfect to match with some big lashes!

Flushed Cheeks

You want to match pink cheeks to your natural flush so you don’t look like a doll (porcelain that is)! To find your perfect hue: pinch your cheek area and voila! The color your cheek turns is the best tone for your blush.

BFF Alert: Rose & Lavender

Rose and lavender water work wonders in calming skin inflammation and patchy red areas. Use both rosewater and lavender water to calm that skin down! Another natural beauty tip you must try this Fall!